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Estate Planning

Power of Attorney

We begin with a consultation to determine your desires and how to best accomplish your goals.   It is significantly more than just drafting documents, we will look at many different options for preserving your assets and providing you peace of mind. 


  • Last Will and Testament: 

    • This document can not only direct the administration of probate assets upon your passing but it can also be tailored to protect minor or disabled beneficiaries with the inclusion of a Testamentary Trust.


  • Power of Attorney:

    • Without this document, if you become incapacitated for any reason, your loved ones will not have the authority to make decisions for you, handle your finances, or engage in protection planning unless they obtain a Court Order.

  • Advance Healthcare Directive:

    • A combination of a Healthcare Power of Attorney and a Living Will in which you select an Agent who can make decisions for you medical and personal care using your guidelines. 


  • Revocable or Irrevocable Trust:

    • This is an asset protection tool that allows a third party to hold assets for the benefit of yourself or another person.  It can be used to protect assets for either yourself or your family members.

  • Special Needs Trust:​

    • This is an asset protection tool that can set aside funds for the benefit of a disabled beneficiary without jeopardizing any government benefits that the beneficiary may be receiving.  ​

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